Buccaneers Ice Hockey Club News

Brisbane Buccaneers Management Committee 2019

Thursday, 16 May, 2019 04:14 pm

Dear Members

As you are aware there has been some recent changes to the Club's Management Committee.

The Management Committee is: 
President - Matt Meyer (thepresident.buccaneers@gmail.com)
Vice President - James Rudd (vicepresident.buccaneers@gmail.com)
Registrar - Thady Blundell (registrar.buccaneers@gmail.com)
Treasurer - Jesse Croft  (treasurer.buccaneers@gmail.com)
Secretary - Victoria Yantsch (secretary.buccaneers@gmail.com)

We also have a number of key sub-committee roles:
Senior Coordinator - Ben Vandermere (srcoordinator.buccaneers@gmail.com)
Junior Coordinator - Julie Fixter (juniorcoordinator.buccaneers@gmail.com)
Merchandising Coordinator - Emma Acton (merchandising.buccaneers@gmail.com)
Media Coordinator - Kristen Schlencker (media.buccaneers@gmail.com)
Member Protection Officer - Victoria Yantsch (mpio.buccaneers@gmail.com)

Coaching Director - Blair Ivens (coachingdirector.buccaneers@gmail.com) who will be continuing in this role.

The Club really appreciates these volunteers stepping up to ensure that our members can play the sport they love.