Buccaneers Ice Hockey Club

Season Payments

  • The cost per player is determined by the number of people on the team roster who have committed to being a member of the team for the entire season. The team cost covers all game related expenses, and therefore no refunds or credits will be issued. The only exception will be if the number of games for the season is cut short; only then will refunds be issued.
  • The player who commits to being a rostered member of the team is liable for the entire season per player costs to be paid as directed by the Treasurer of the club. Regardless of how payment instalments are determined you will be required to pay the entire season.
  • Each player will be given two weeks to pay each installment from the intial notice date, after which an additional $10.00 administration fee will be applied. If after a further two weeks (four weeks from initial notice) the installment has not been paid, the player will be suspended from playing in the season and all IHA/IHQ sanctioned games. A notice will be forwarded to the team Captain / Manager and any team playing with a player on the ice who is suspended will forfeit those games and may be fined.
  • Players who miss the occasional game will forfeit the game fees for those games and Substitute Policy #1 will be used.
  • Players who will miss four or more consecutive games during the season will have the opportunity to use Substitute Policy #2 at the discretion of the team Captain / Manager.
  • Team Captain / Manager and Players are responsible for locating any substitute for extended absences under Substitute Policy #2. It will then be up to the group to determine what the substitutes payment will be to the Player in order to cover costs. This may be full price, or a discounted amount. This decision and agreement will be made between all concerned parties and will not involve the Buccaneers Committee in any way, shape or form. If the team Captain / Manager or Player is unable to locate a substitute, the Player will forfeit all relevant game fees.
  • If the Player pulls out part way through the Season for financial reasons they will not be allowed to return as a sub for any other team on a regular basis and the team Captain / Manager must replace the Player as soon as possible. The Player will also not be permitted to re-join as a regular player for any team during the same season once financial reasons have been cited, it is a commitment for the entire season or none.

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