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Do I need to know how to skate to sign up?

Yes, skating is a very big part of being able to play ice hockey. We ask that you either attend a Come & Try session for those who have never played or go through the Aussie Skate school and complete Intermediate 1 at least. This is a safety issue and we need to ensure that you can skate well enough to be safe for yourself and others at training sessions.

Can I play as soon as I sign up?

Only if you have played previously and have been assessed by one of the coaches at a training session. New players to the sport must attend multiple training sessions prior to being given the ok to becoming a reserve for one of the teams in the league.

Can I hire gear from the club?

No. In some situations, we can lend you some gear for a short period of time until you procure your own. We always recommend that you supply your own skates, helmet and gloves as well as appropriate personal protective gear such as a cup or pelvic protector and mouth guard.

What team will I play for?

You will be graded based on assesment from coaches and this will determine which teams will be able to add you to their roster (if room is available) otherwise you will be placed on the reserve roster to be called up when needed. Junior players will first be categorised by age group and then by grading. Juniors wishing to play in the senior divisions require playing up forms to be signed by relevant coaches, following an assessment.

Grading for senior players is as follows:

  • A Grade - Fast paced, highly poistional play, must be Midget or above.
  • B Grade - Fast paced, positional play, must be Midget or above.
  • C Grade - Medium paced play, must be Midget or above.

Junior categories from highest to lowest are below:

  • Midgets - Born 1996 to 1998
  • Bantams - Born 1999 and 2000
  • Peewees - Born 2001 and 2002
  • Atoms - Born 2003 and after

What are the costs to play?

The costs vary depending on whether you are a junior or senior player and whether you play in a league or just train. Two primary components are required before you are even able to step on the ice and they are your club membership and the IHQ / IHA membership. 

Club membership is currently $60 a year and goes from March 1st to the end of February in the following year.

IHQ / IHA membership varies between $96.50 and $193 for junior development through to full senior players and covers the same time period as the club membership. This membership also contains the insurance premium that covers all players and officials at the facility during sanctioned games, training sessions and scrimamges.

Training costs vary based on the duration and also the number of participants. It is between $15 per hour to $20 per hour if there are less than 16 players on the ice. Where a training session is more than a single hour in duration the costs may be further reduced dependent on the number of players.

Game costs also vary. For juniors the general cost per game is $15 per player. For seniors it is determined by the size of the roster and whether you are a regular player or a reserve. These costs run from $10 per reserve to $17 to $20 depending on the number of players per team. 

If I am registered at another Queensland Club can I still train with the Buccs?

Anyone can train with the Buccs as long as they are IHQ registered. If they are interstate it is invite only, they have to ask us and get the ok by IHQ, as they check they are registered with IHA first.

What equipment do I need?

For a general player the equipment needed is as follows (there are some compulsory items based on age and some for safety):

  • Helmet with Visor / Cage (Players born after December 31, 1974 shall wear, as a minimum, a visor. Full cage recommended. All players under 18 MUST wear a cage)
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Elbow pads
  • Shoulder pads
  • Shin guards
  • Hockey Pants
  • Hockey Skates
  • Hockey Stick
  • Mouth guard (Under 20 MUST wear a Mouth Guard, recommended for all other players)
  • Neck / Throat Protector (Under 18 MUST wear Neck / Throat Protector)
  • Cup / Pevic protector

Important note: In the event of injury, any insurance policy for players can be voided if the player was not wearing IHA approved equipment. It is recommended that players investigate what the national insurance policy covers and consider taking out their own private policies if they are concerned about the possibility of injury.

Where can I buy equipment locally?

Equipment can be purchased from IceWorld Boondall pro shop, but some items may require ordering in. Alternatively SkateBiz in Brisbane can supply equipment and has a much larger range.

SkateBiz Brisbane
101 Albert Street
Brisbane, QLD, 4000
Ph: 07 3220 0157

Can I buy equipment in Australia?

There are several interstate locations with the primary two being:

  • Skaters Network - http://www.skatersnetwork.com.au
  • Ice Monster - http://www.icemonster.com.au 


Can I buy from overseas?

You can buy from overseas suppliers but beware that several of the major manufacturers of hockey equipment have restrictions on shipping from the United States of America and Canada to Australia due to local distributorships.

  • Hockey Monkey - http://www.hockeymonkey.com
  • Total Hockey - http://www.totalhockey.com
  • Ice Warehouse - http://www.icewarehouse.com
  • Hockey Tron - http://www.hockeytron.com
  • Hockey Giant - http://www.hockeygiant.com




If you have family or friends living in the US or Canada, you can get them to send it to you. US forwarding companies such as MYUS and Shipito can also be used to get around the manufacture imposed shipping restrictions.

Important note: When ordering from overseas, remember to keep the dollar value (including shipping costs) to under AU$1,000.00 to avoid paying GST and import duty. 

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